Where youth transform within to transform communities.


Calling all San Jose teens who want to have your voice heard! We believe you hold the key to build thriving communities. In Woke Teens Camp, you'll use the tools of collaboration, mindfulness, creative expression, yoga/movement, and community activism to become more self-aware, compassionate, and engaged in taking positive action for yourself and your community. 

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we asked some of our youth what being "woke" or awake means to them, and here are a few of their wise responses:

"Being aware of your surroundings, people, and your actions. To be emotionally and physically in tune with yourself. To be a passionate activist and to strive for positive change." - Jessica, age 16

"I believe that it means that you are aware of the systems that are in place and understand the impact of certain decisions on the community. If you are woke you understand yourself and are able to use both your strengths and weaknesses to influence situations for the better of your community. Being engaged means that you know people from the community on a personal level and understand some of the struggles that they are facing." - Lisbeth, age 19

summer 2018 application deadline is June 11th!